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Set up a group

Setting up a group to for a community project is a great way of bringing people and their respective skills together for a shared purpose.

It helps to give your project an identity, and having a constituted group means you can raise your own funds in order to make your project happen.

Being in a 'formal' group also gives legitimacy to your collective voice, and helps when negotiating with stakeholders such as the local authority.

Becoming a constituted legal entity sounds complicated, but in reality it needn't be a daunting process.  It's relatively easy and there are lots of good online resources to help you do it.

Your local CVS bureau will also be able to help you as they usually have a dedicated team to help start up groups.


We've pulled together some fantastic resources below to help you get off the ground.

Download our Toolkits on the right. There's also some really good resources  from Manchester Community Central to help get you started.

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