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Have a great idea to improve your neighbourhood? Want to start some community food-growing or get arty?

It's likely that you're going to need money to make your idea happen no matter what it is. The good news is that there are lots of organisations looking to give money to community projects. With a bit of guidance, you could be writing persuasive applications which will bring in the money to make your dream a reality.

Funding your project

Smaller grants (from £300 up to £5000) can be relatively easy to access if you know how to go about it. Have a look at our How To Guide to Fundraising for some tips on writing a funding application. It'll explain some of the basics and demystify the fundraising process. We can give also help you consider the best way to develop your project so that it's attractive to funders.

Feel confident enough to jump right in? Then head straight to the 'Finding a Funder' section of the toolkit which gives you a few ideas about who to apply to.

Good Luck!


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