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Willingdon Trees Football Project

Willingdon Trees Football ClubWillingdon Trees Football Club

In May 2013, we started working with Brighton & Hove Albion Football Club to set up a football coaching project at our Willingdon Trees scheme in Eastbourne.

Coaching from Albion set up free sessions three times a week to engage young people through football. The project has enabled them to live a more active lifestyle and access opportunities through sport.

The project has been a huge success and is still running today. The local council aim to roll it out across the whole of Eastbourne.

Case study: Luke Pynn

Luke has been coming to the sessions at Willingdon Trees since they started in May 2013.

When he started, Luke didn't mix with children his own age. He spent his time with older children who were drinking alcohol and smoking instead. Luke was constantly in trouble at school and his school work suffered.

We have seen a massive improvement in Luke's attitude and behaviour since he began attending the project. He has relaxed, no longer hangs around with older kids, and has made lots of new friends.

The sessions have obviously been very beneficial for Luke. His school work has improved and he no longer gets into trouble. He is also a very talented footballer and the project is supporting his development..

Luke has put down the change he has experienced down to Albion in the Community and the work and dedication of the coaches.

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