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Stanhope Street Incredible Edibles

Stanhope Street Incredible Edibles, NewcastleStanhope Street Incredible Edibles, Newcastle

Places for People
worked with Groundwork and a local residents association to set up Incredible Edibles on Stanhope Street, Newcastle.

The project established 4 large, high-quality raised planting beds that were looked after by the residents of the estate.

The project was community led, with residents highlighting food growing an area of development for their estate.

The project ran for a period of 26 weeks, with activities building over time. This included:

  • Growing fruit, vegetables and herbs in communal areas
  • Growing food in containers and tubs for the young people
  • Simple tasting, cooking and eating activities
  • Craft activities linked to growing fruit and vegetables

The project culminated in an event where young people shared the produce they had grown with their friends, families and other residents.

The project encouraged the community to apply for additional funding for a weekly after school club. The club continues to engage the street's children in food growing activities. 

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